Obligation, Action for unjustified enrichment, subsidiarity prescribed by art. 2042 of the Italian Civil Code, Civil Cassation, Third Section, Interlocutory Ordinance no. 5222 dated 02/20/2023Criminal law, Sanctions treatment, Calculation, Cassation, Fifth criminal section, Judgment n. 44676 of 11/24/2022Criminal law, Proof, Evidence and conjectures, Cassation, Sixth Criminal Section, Judgment n. 48581 of 12/21/2022Criminal law, Crimes of association, Program and Agreement, Cassation, Second Criminal Section, Judgment n. 45575 of 10/14/2022Criminal law, Real precautionary measures, Preventive seizure, Derivative credits pursuant to art. 121, paragraph 1, lett. b), law decree no. 34 of 2020 (subject of the so-called “superbonus” 110%), Cassation, Third Criminal Section, Judgment n. 40865 of 10/28/2022Copyright, Protection, Creativity and Originality Requirements, Civil Cassation, First Section, Order n. 32871 of 08/11/2022Bank contracts, Mortgage loan, Fundability limit, Essential element, Rule on the setting of the limit, Nature, Civil Cassation, United Sections, Judgment n. 33719 of 11/16/2022Joint-stock company, Demerger project, Civil Cassation, First Section, Interlocutory Ordinance no. 32365 of 11/03/2022Urban planning, Need for public evidence in the selection of the settlement area of ​​the only provincial shopping center, Council of State, Sixth Section, judgment 6 October 2022 no. 8564Contracts, Interpretation, Civil Cassation, Second Section, Judgment n. 27186 of 09/15/2022

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