Nautical industry, estimated turnover growth in the calendar year 2021

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Nautical industry, estimated turnover growth in the calendar year 2021

Structural strengthening

Export for 2.8 billion euros

Full order book of Italian superyacht shipyards over the next three years

Close to the maximum levels of turnover in the 2007/2008 two-year period.

Industry 4.0

The estimated growth of the global turnover of the Italian nautical industry indicates a value of + 23.8% in the calendar year 2021, with a range of variation of ± 5% which determines an overall value between € 5.5 and 6 , 0 billion.

The survey on the trend of the nautical year which ended on 31 August 2021, carried out by the Confindustria Nautica Research Office on the basis of a significant sample of production companies, ascertains widely positive results in the entire nautical sector.

These are the data presented at the 61st Genoa Boat Show on the occasion of the 4th edition of Boating Economic Forecast by: Confindustria Nautica Studies Office, Edison Foundation, Cattolica University and Assilea.

The growth goes beyond the post lockdown rebound recorded by the Italian industry.

Various factors are decisive: including the very significant growth in shipbuilding exports which, in the rolling year to 30 June 2021, reached a maximum historical value of 2.8 billion euros; the order books of Italian superyacht shipyards which, for many operators, cover the next three years; the excellent performance of the nautical accessories and marine engines sectors.

If the data for the fourth quarter of 2021 confirm the upper range of estimates, the Italian nautical industry would return to touch the maximum levels of turnover achieved in the 2007/2008 two-year period.

In 2020, two very positive indicators should be underlined, prodromal to the strong development of the sector today: the 2.4% increase in the number of employees exceeding 24,000, and the increase in the weight of the contribution to GDP by the nautical industry , up from 2.22 ‰ to 2.37 ‰ which shows a better performance than the national economy.

The Italian nautical industry had a trade balance of nearly 3 billion dollars, a value that is double that of the Netherlands. We are consolidating over 12 months a figure of exports that is enormous compared to the past and also compared to any other record. It is a magical moment for Italian exports but also for the added value of our manufacturing.

In the first six months of the year among the euro countries, Italy is the one with the strongest growth not only in terms of GDP, where we are more or less on a par with France, but above all in manufacturing, with +11 % of growth acquired in the first six months of the year.

Industry 4.0 certainly had an impact, strengthening the system. This dynamic we are witnessing is therefore not a rebound dynamic, but the sign of a structural strengthening. This does not only mean that we have become more competitive but that we also have less debt with foreign countries.

From debtors in favor of abroad to creditors from abroad.

September 16, 2021

Confindustria Nautica

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